Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Long time no blog

Here are some photos from the summer time.

Ollie with her rainbows, mesh hat and sagging drawers. We didn't put any of those on her. She insisted on taking the hat of my head actually.

Like her parents she is obsessed with wearing rainbows.

She took a good spill the day before. Nothing but her pride was a little hurt.

Ollie making her babies kiss me.

Again with the stealing of the hat.

Mismatched shoes and smile.

The peanut gallery.

I am not sure if she thinks the potty comes out there too or if she just likes that hat.

First solo flight.

The thinker.

Lil Pink Riding Hood

My boy

My girl

Jack man sneaking around



BBB at the park

Who needs a sippy cup.

Obviously not amused.

Ranch flavored Like-em-aid.


  1. I want to smooch her!!!! Come visit before you leave!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEase!!!!!!!!!

  2. OH man, she and Macie would be a serious bit of trouble together! When do they get to meet and become best friends?

  3. I did not know you were bloggers! (I am not very good at keeping it up either, but I'm trying.) We'd love to keep in touch a bit better! How are you guys? Are you still in Logan? Do you have plans to move back to CA yet? Ollie is such a doll! And so big . . . how does that happen so fast?? Keep us posted!!

  4. Your daughter is so cute. Wish you guys lived closer to us. We just ran into Johnny this past weekend at the shop. He updated us with your move to Cali. We'll have to get together this summer when we're in town. We'll have our little baby with us so you'll get to meet him/her. Hope all is well with you. Ryanne